APFC FORM 1: Demand statement of recoverable from pay bills.
APFC FORM 2 & 3: Statement of Proposition for revision of Establishments.
APFC FORM 4: Detailed statement if the permanent Establishment
APFC FORM 5: Statement of New name, Leave etc.
APFC FORM 6: Form of bond of identity for drawing the pay and allowances due to deceased Govt. servant.
APFC FORM 7: Register of Contingent charges.
APFC FORM 8: Detailed counter signed Contingent bill.
APFC FORM 9: Form of Tender and contract.
APFC FORM 10: Stock Account of furniture and other office stores.
APFC FORM 11: Form of personal security bond to be executed by an officiating or temporary Government, Servant drawing an advance along with a permanent Government servant as surely.
APFC FORM 12: Form of application by a Government for an advance for the purchase of Motor Cycles or cars.
APFC FORM 12A: Form of application by a Government servant for the purchase of a horse and Saddlery.
APFC FORM 13: Agreement to be executed at the time drawing an advance for the purchase of Motor car.
APFC FORM 13A: Form of Agreement to be executed by a Rural Medical Practitioner at the time of drawing an advance for the purchase of a bicycle.
APFC FORM 14: Mortgage bond for a Motor car/cycle on account of which a Govt servant has drawn an advance.
APFC FORM 15: Letter intimating to an Insurance company the A.P Government's interest in a Motor car/cycle.
APFC FORM 16: Form of Agreement to be signed by a Government, Servant who draws a passage Advance.
APFC FORM 17: Register of security bonds to be furnished by Government Servants.
APFC FORM 18: Form Fidelity bond.
APFC FORM 18A: Form of Fidelity guarantee bond issued by the Indian Insurance Companies Association pool.
APFC FORM 19: Model firms of security bonds to be furnished by Government, Servants.
APFC FORM 20: Report of damage to immovable Government, Property to be sent to the Account General.
APFC FORM 21: Report of Deaths of European Government, Servants and pensioners.
APFC FORM 22: Forms of bill for drawing advances if Travelling allowance on tour to Government servants
APFC FORM 23: Register showing the details of Advances of traveling allowances on tour paid to Government, Servants and recoveries made in respect of the same.
APFC FORM 24: Form of security bond to furnished by the drivers of cars, Lorries, Buses, Vans and Jeeps.
APFC FORM 25: Form of monthly returns to be forwarded by Drawing officer.
APFC FORM 26: Forms of monthly return to be forwarded by the Controlling officers to the next superior Authority.
APFC FORM 27: Firm of the Register of Permanent Advances.


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