Article 273 r/w-5: Responsibilities for losses of public money.
Article 278: Security deposits - Contractors.
Article 281: Post office savings bank deposits.
Article 285: Post office savings bank pass book, fidelity bonds ets, should be kept in safe custody.
Article 286: A security deposit taken from a Govt servant should be retained for at least six months from the date when he vacates his post.
Article 287: Govt servant furnished security furnished security transferred to another office-security should be retained in 1st office until period expires.
Article 289: Annual Valuation of Govt Promissory notes.
Article 290: Repayment of security deposits.
Article 291: Repayment if cash deposits in the post office savings bank.
Article 293: Security deposit employer of a Government servant on foreign sevice.
Article 295: Losses of cash due to the acceptance of counterfeit coins.
Article 299: Loss of Occurs - Damages to immovable Govt Property.
Article 301: Departmental enquirers regarding frauds in which Government servants are involved.
Article 302: Persecution of embezzlement of public property.
Article 304: Classification of Local funds as District funds, Panchayatf unds, Muncipal funds, Education funds and Market committee funds etc.
Article 306: Grants to Local and other bodies.
Article 307: Loans to Local bodies.
Article 308-309: Charges recoverable from local bodies.
Article 311: Time limits for claims by bodies.
Article 312: Arrears claims by local bodies.
Article 313: Rounding of Financial transactions between Government and Local bodies.
Article 315: Allocation of expenditure between capital and revenue and financing of capital expenditure.
Article 316: Work done for another Government.
Article 317: Disposal of Govt. land and building discussed.
Article 318: Endowment for Scholarships, Prized etc
Article 319: No Govt property should be insured at the cost of the government exceptional cases in which insurance in permitted.
Article 320: Rounding off of Transactions in Govt. Accounts.
Article 323: Erasures.
Article 324: Supply of firms.
Article 325: Service books.
Article 326: Destruction of official records connected with accounts.
Article 327: Reports of deaths of European Government services.
Article 328: Reports of deaths of pensioners.
Article 329: Delegation of unions functions by consent of state.


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