School Education Department - WASH & MHM in High School Project initiatives implementing by APSSA with the support of UNICEF - Action Plan in continuation of the Master Resource Persons Training Programme held from 12-14 September, 2017 - Instructions - Issued - Reg.

Dated: 07.10.2017

The attention of all the District Educational Officers and Project Officers, District Project Officers, SSA, in the State is invited to the reference read above, wherein the State Project Director, APSSA, Vijayawada has informed that Master Resource Persons training on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene and Menstrual Hygiene management in Schools has been organized from 12-14 September, 2017 for the selected Dy.E.O and Headmaster from each District of Andhra Pradesh. Further informed that the Master Resource Persons are directed to prepare an action plan during the program and suggested to implement various activities at various filed levels on SWACHH VIDYALAYA under the supervision of District Collectors, DEOs, PO SSA, and in coordination with other line departments.

The District Level, Mandal Level and School Level Training Programmes will be conducted from 10th to 12th October, 2017 to achieve the following key indicators of the department.

  1. To ensure at least one trained and motivated teacher on WASH & MHM in Schools as a focal point person.
  2. To form/strengthen Child Clubs.
  3. To reach around 68 lakhs children with all the key hygiene message at a time.
  4. To celebrate global hand wash day (15th October event) on 16 October, 2017 in all the schools.
  5. Also to ensure institutionalized Swachh Vidhyala Components with the support of Focal Point Teachers appointed in each schools.
  6. Creating an opportunity for students in social change / social responsibility activities to achieve Swachh Andhra Pradesh.
  7. This large scale of activities also will help in many other areas. Trained teachers may take lead in improving WASH facilities in schools with the support of SMCs, Local donors or community.
  8. Children my influence the parents to practice hygiene behaviour which leads to healthy community environment.
  9. Reduce the absenteeism due to health reasons and improve the retention rate.
  10. Other many dimensions, which ultimately results in improving standards of education system in A.P.
In this connection the following action plan is communicated to all District Educational Officers in the State for effective implementation of the programme.

S.No. Level Date Activity
1 District Level 10.10.2017 State level Master trainiers will be act as resource persons, One teacher from each mandal will be the participants and trained as Mandal resource persons.
2 Mandal Level 11.10.2017 District level trainers will be act as resource person One teacher from each school including KGBVs will be participated and trained.
3 School Level 12.10.2017 The trained teacher shall train all the staff members and all students in their schools itself.
4 All Levels 16.10.2017 Organize GLOBAL HAND WASHING DAY (It is to be organized on 15.10.2017, as it is Sunday it is proposed to organize on 16.10.2017)

All State Level observers mentioned in the annexure are hereby requested to monitor the entire programme closely and submit the compliance to this office immediately.

Further, Sri Vijay Kumar, O/o RMSA. Smt Geetha, O/o SSA are requested to visit the District Mandal, and School level programmes and submit the feedback on this programme to this office.

Hence all the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to coordinate with all line departments duly adhering the above schedule for effective implementation of the programme.

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