Rc.No. 100/MDM/2016
Dated: 06.10.2017

SE-MDM- Supply of eggs to School Education Department Centres under Midday Meal Scheme for the year 2017-18 - Instructions for Head Masters - Reg.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the references read above and they were informed to issue instructions to Headmasters on supply and procurement of eggs to school points and ensure that each and every school is provided with good quality of eggs. The following are instructions issued further to streamline the supply and procurement of eggs.
  1. The Head Master should accept supply eggs only once in a week i.e., on Monday & Tuesday only. If supplier insist to take two week eggs at a time, the HM should reject it and immediately bring it to the notice of the concerned MEO and DEO.

  2. The HM should ensure that all eggs shall be utilized on or before Friday. No eggs should be stored in the schools on the weekend.

  3. The HM should ensure that the egg should weigh between 45 gms to 50 gms.

  4. If the HM found broken eggs or small size eggs at the time of delivery, the same should be returned to the suppler for replacement.

  5. Care should be taken in strong the eggs. Eggs should be kept in open place and should not be kept in closed containers or almariahs.

  6. HMs should issue strict instructions to cooks to remove spoiled egg in crate, otherwise the bacteria from the spoiled egg will contaminate the other eggs in the crate.

  7. The MEOs should verify quality and supply of stock across various levels randomly and submit the consolidated report to the DEO for onward submission to the CSE.

  8. The HMs shall adhere scrupulously to the instructions issued.

Sd/- V.S.Bhargava

Commissioner of School Educaiton.

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