Mid Day Meal Scheme - Implementation of Mid Day Meal Scheme - Certain guidelines for making of Centralized payment of MDM bills at State Level from September-2017 - Necessary instructions to post MDM attendance through APP/SMS - Reg.

Dated: 31.10.2017

  1. All the District Educational Officers are aware that release of payment for Cooking cost and honorarium to CCHs  has been initiated w.e.f. September-2017.

  2. In this context, It is to inform that as per the instructions of the Commissioner of School Education the APP and SMS website is linked with APCFSS site, from November onwards the bills are releasing for those who are uploading/posting the Mid Day Meal attendance data and the rest of the schools whose data is not posted, the bills shall bot be released.

  3. Further, it is informed that to clear the arrear pending bills a screen has been enabled in the website (APCFSS) for capturing of meals taken data by the children school wise. They are instructed to issue immediate instruction to HMs/MEOs to post the information only for I-VIII as like as September month posting. (Except Krishna & Godavari). The bills of IX-X classes should be made at Mandal level as usual.

  4. Therefore, all the District Educational Officers are instructed to issue standard instructions as it is mandatory to post the MDM daily attendance data through APP and SMS from 01.11.2017 onwards, failing which the amounts for that dya will not be released to those schools. They are also requested to ensure that all the HMs posted the data every day duly monitoring the attendance capturing through APP/SMS.

Sd/- V.S.Bhargava

For Commissioner of School Education

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