e- Hazar

1. Login Page:

This is the Login Page. In this page having login button for opening the application. When we click on the login button it opens the homepage. If it is first login it will open the onetime authentication page for Device Tagging.

2. Onetime Authentication For Device Tagging:

In this page, School head master / teacher need to enter their Aadhaar Number for authentication the device / tagging the device for that particular page. After enter the Aadhaar Number then click on Proceed button for verifying the Teacher details after that it will show the teacher and school information. If information is correct then click on Proceed button for verifying with Aadhaar. After successfully verified with Aadhaar then it will show the Homepage.

3. Home Page:

This is the Home Page of our Application. In this page you can see the school information dashboard and Menu Options.

There are 6 Menu options are available in this screen.

1. Attendance Capture

2. Update Student Roll ID and Section

3. Reports

4. Aadhar Number Seeding

5. Data Sync

6. Help


4. Attendance Capture:

If you want to capture the Attendance you need to click Attendance Capture button. When click on this, it will show the below screen.

  • Enter Roll ID / Treasury ID in the field "Enter ID"
  • Then the details of that ID will appear on the screen.
  • After that click verify button and place your eye on the IRIS Scanner. Or place your on Fingerprint device.
  • It will verify your details with Aadhaar Server.
  • For successful verification we will get a tick mark screen as shown in below picture. If fail then show the X mark in red color. 
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