Sub: School Education implementation of Biometric Attendance System in all schools certain instructions issued - reg.

        The Attentions of all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Officers in the state are invited to the reference cited above, wherein the Government has introduced e-Hazar project very prestigious. Accordingly, guidelines were issued to nominate two nodal persons per district form the surplus teacher identified. Further, it was also instructed to upgrade the Biometric Attendance devices supplied to the schools as per the norms given by UIDAI.

       But it is disappointing to note that, so far, only 4.5% Karvy devices and 24% of Analogics devices were upgraded as per the norms given by UIDAI in coordination with M/s Karvy Data Management Services Limited, Hyderabad and M/s Analogics Tech India Limited. This is obviously due to lack of proper monitoring by the concerned District Educational Officers.

        Further, during the State Team field visits in some of the districts, it is observed that the agencies are not coordinating well with the nodal officers. As such, a meeting was called for with the Agency by the Additional Director, O/o CSE, A.P. and the following resolutions were passed.

  1. The DEO should establish one District Coordination cell at district point with two nodal persons. A mobile number may be provided to the cell in which complaints may be registered by the HMs. This mobile no should start functioning by 15.09.2017 and informed to the State Office. Wide publicity may be given to the HMs about the mobile no. of the District Coordination Cell.
  2. DEO should identify one APeKX crew member per division along with 10 CRPs to support KARVY and Akshra Management.
  3. DEO will conduct divisional level workshop at identified places.
  4. The devices will be collected at Mandal Point i.e., at the office of the Mandal Educational Officer for upgradation of ID services / repairs. In case of replacement of the device, handover the new device to the HM duly obtaining the Old dvice with the particulars such as Name of the HM along Phone No and School DISE Code on the Box.
  5. The said devices will be transported form the Mandal point to the Divisional Level by M/s Karvy to the Divisional Headquarters on the scheduled date communicated along with these proceedings.
  6. After receiving at Divisional Point M/s Karvy and M/s AKSHARA will finish the updating of the device as per the checklist.
  7. The APEX Coordinator along with Divisional Nodal person will contact the concerned Headmaster of the schools by duly updating the status of device, once all the updates are made as per the checklist circulated through mall. The HM will receive the devise from the divisional headquarter by duly authenticating the device by registering with biometrics.
  8. A register will be maintained at the Divisional level as per the formats circulated through mail indicating no. of devices registered.
  9. The nodal persons at divisional level are requested to give orientation / training to the Headmasters for utilization of the device for getting attendance from the students / teachers concerned.
  10. Transportation from mandal point to divisional headquarter will be provided only on the date fixed by the nodal officer. The devices which were not received on the said scheduled date need to be brought to the divisional level by the concerned Headmaster on another pre-agreed date.
  11. The devices need to be charged and to be switched off before handling over at Mandal Point.
  12. The devices received back at the school point after upgradation / repair / replaced need to be checked by duly capturing teachers and students attendance on the next day. In case it is found that there is some fault or that they are not functioning, the same may be brought to the notice of Divisional Nodal Officer. An sms may be sent to the mobile no. of the District level Coordination Cell.
  13. Appropriate guidance may be given to them to monitor the said workshops held at divisional level points as per the schedule communicated with these proceedings.
         The Govrnment of Andhra Pradesh is very committed to successfully implement the e-Hazar project and to ensure th e 100% capture of attendance of the teachers and students by 30.09.2017.

         Therefore, the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to effectively intervene and closely monitor the said tasks personally and see that 100% attendance of students and teacher are captured at the school point on a daily basis. 

        Further, it is also informed that State e-Hazar call center was established at Vijayawada and contact No. 0866-38155555. All the District Educational Officers are requested to circulate this call center Number to all Headmasters of schools in their respective Districts regarding e/Hazar grievances. Further they are also instructd to contact State Nodal Officer e/Hazar Sri CH. V.S. Ramesh Kumar, Mobile no. 7659966222 in order to resolve other problems if any.

         In this content, it is also informed that the Hon'ble Minister of HRD, Special Secretary to Government, School Education and the Commissioner of School Education. A.P may visit the said District Coordinational centers / Cells and Divisional Points during the Schedule given for the workshops.

     This has got the approval of the Commissioner of SCHOOL Education, A.P.

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