Dated: 3.8.2017

SCERT, AP, Amaravati - School Education Department - Orientation to Primary and High School teachers on Learning Outcomes keeping in view of Naitonal Achievement Survey (NAS) through Teleconference - 9.8.2017 and 10.8.2017 Primary Level, 11.8.2017 High School Level -  Guidelines to DEOs - Reg.

     1. Government of India - MHRD developed Learning Outcomes to improve achievement levels of the students at Elementary level. In this connection SCERT translated Learning Outcomes in Telugu Language to incorporate in RTE Act. For this purpose SCERT conducted 1-day orientation to the Primary and High School level district teams.

   2. In this connection all the District Educational Officers, Project Officers of SSA, Principals of DIETs, Secretaries of APREID, TWRS, APSWRS BC Welfare Institutions in the State are informed that SCERT is decided to conduct orientation on Learning Outcomes keeping in view of National Achievement Survey (NAS-2017) to all Primary and High School teachers through Teleconference Mode.

  3. The Teleconference is scheduled from 9.8.2017 to 10.8.2017 for Primary Level and 11.8.2017 for High School level. Primary Level Teleconference is in the subjects of Telugu, Mathematics and EVS, High School Level Teleconference is in the subjects of Telugu, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

   4. 50% of Primary Teachers should attend Teleconference on 9.8.2017 and remaining 50% of Primary teahcers should attend on 10.8.2017 without any disturbance to the smooth conduct of school and Mid-Day-Meals.

   5. The School Assistants / Language Pandits of Telugu, Mathematics, Biological Science and Social Studies attend their respective subject schedule Teleconference on 11.8.2017.

   6. In this regard all the District Educational Officers are instructed to communicate Teleconference schedule to all schools in their respective districts and, instruct Dy.E.Os., MEOs, School Complex HMs to make arrrangements i.e., generator, seating arrangements etc., for smooth conduct of Teleconference without any deviation. MEOs instruct all the teachers to attend nearby Teleconference Center.

   7. The district resource teams for Primary and High School level who were attended at 1-day State Level meeting also attend the Teleconference and act as moderators.

SCERT, Andhra Pradesh.

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