A very hearty good morning to one and all present  here. Today is the very important day for out nation, our country India. Today 15th August, 2017, we are celebrating our 71th year of Independence. On 15th August 1947, India got freedom from the British rule. I congratulate you all on this auspicious and pious occasion. Freedom in itself holds a very huge meaning. Freedom just not relates to getting free but it also means getting free from all the boundation and brutal behaviour of the Britishers and getting all the fundamental rights which every citizen of the country deserves because freedom is life. Life is meaningless without freedom.

               India is a very big country with lot of diversities. Here people from all the communities are happily born and brought together and this day is celebrated by every Indian citizen irrespective of his caste, creed, religion, language and region which shows the perfect unity in diversity in the people of India. This day when are leading a restriction free life with no fear of getting bound by anyone in the result of the constant efforts and hardwork of our foresighted leaders who had laid down their lives in India's struggle for freedom. We sitting here cannot even imagine, how difficult the fight and struggle for independence was for India.

                 History of India reveals how are forefather and acestros had worked had and suffered all the brutal behaviour of britishers. During the british rule, children were not allowed to go to the school. They were not provided with any sort of education. There was no Independent trading allowed. All the goods were taken from India and sold in the british market in huge prices and giving no profits to the Indians. The conditions of the women was pathetic. They were exploited and teased by the british men. Indians were treated like slaves.

                Mangal Pandey was the first one who raised his voice against britishers and then after that many freedom fighters, Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose and Chandra Shekhar Azad who had lost their lives in early age just for the sake of the country and obviously Netaji and Gandhiji. How can we ignore their efforts? Gandhiji was a great indian personality who taught indians a great lesson of non-violence and lead India to get freedom using this weapon. Finally the result of long years of Struggle came in front on 15th August, 1947 when India got independence.

               Today is a very significant day for all Indians which we celebrate remembering our martyrs and their sacrifices for the country. We should be thankful to them and admire our fortune that we took birth on the land of an independent nation. As Indians, this is our duty and responsibility to work hard for the mother earth and become the real heroes of the country and make India not a developing country but for sure a developed country.


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