Rc.No.778, Dt.19.05.2017

Sub: SE-RMSA-IN-Service Teacher Training in summer in residential mode - Revised - Orders - Issued - Regarding.

    This is in continuation of the references read above regarding In service training for SAs under RMSA.

    All the RJDSEs & DEOs are hereby informed that the arrangements made for the  8 days In-service Teacher training programme in residential mode to all the subject teachers of High School was reviewed with them during the Video Conference on 18.05.2017. The following is observed:
⏩Except in 4-5 districts, the first spell of training next was not organised in view of the languages related trainings being completed earlier in the other districts.
⏩Biometric attendance twice a day between 8-9 in the morning and 8-9 in the evening is not being collected at all the training centers. Where it is collected, there is vast discrepancy in the number of teachers giving attendance inn the morning and at night. Action should be taken ensure biometric attendance without fail for all trainees twice a day. DEOs may please note that training funds will be released to the District only to the extent of biometric attendance registered online.
⏩In some districts  training started without arranging fir/ supplying adequate number of printed training modules/materials to the traniees. This would naturally affect the quality of training and makes it an infructuous exercise. Instructions were already issued to the DEOs to print and supply training material, if old modules are not available. No training should be held without training material. SCERT will ensure that the electronic copies of training are sent to DEOs in time for them to be printed and supply at the training programme.
⏩From feedback of the visiting RJDs and others it appears that there is scope for improving arrangements at the training centers. Please ensure that this is done. Good quality food and comfortable stay arrangements should be ensured without fail.
⏩In view of severe summer requests have been received for postponement of SA training programme.Where the training are already underway for first spell the same.
    Rescheduled from 22.05.2017 onwards for the School Assistants of Maths, PS & BS, Telugu and English Medium, duly covering all the teachers. All the training programmes may be completed before reopening of the schools. The scheduling of the training spells should be planned as indicated below.

  1. Maths, PS & BS (TM)   - 22.05.2017 to 04.06.2017
  2. PETs (TM)                     - 25.05.2017 to 31.05.2017
  3. Languages & SS (EM)  - 25.05.2017 to 01.06.2017
  4. Maths, PS & BS (EM)  - 28.05.2017 to 04.06.2017
  5. PETs (EM)                    - 25.05.2017 to 31.05.2017
    Where required additional training centres may be opened to cover and complete training of all teachers in the District before opening of schools.

     All the DEOs are further informed that, if heat wave situation continues, a long break may be given from 1.00 to 4.00 pm and continue afternoon session from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

It is further instructed that all RJDs and DEOs must frequently visit the training centers and address any emerging issues immediately. Reports may be submitted to CSE and Director RMSA on issues and action taken to sort out the same.



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