MA&UD Department - Introduction of English Medium in Municipal Schools - Certain instructions - Issued - Regarding.

The attention of all the Municipal Commissioners is drawn to the subject and references cited, where the Government vide its Circular memo.No. 7176/D1/2016, dated 05.01.2017 has instructed all the Head Masters through the Municipal Commissioners in the State to make necessary preparations and get ready for the implementation of English Medium in Schools from the beginning of the Academic Year 2017-18.

2. Instructions were given to furnish indent to the School Education Department for supply of English Medium Text Books and to conduct SMC Meetings / Parents meetings.

3. All the Commissioners were requested to collect Telugu Medium Text Books from the DEO / MEO and to be kept in the safe custody of Municipal Commissioners as per the number statement already communicated.

4. In addition to the above clear instructions were given from time to time through Tele Conference. In spite of these, some gaps are noticed in certain ULBs pertaining to implementation of English Medium in Schools.

5. Hence the following is reiterated for taking appropriate action by the Municipal Commissioners at their end.
  • As per indent all the Head Masters should receive English Medium Text Books for all students of the Classes I to X who have opted for English Medium on free of cost from the School Education Department through Mandal Educational Officers concerned. The Telugu Medium Students who were studied in Class IX last year will continue in Class X with Telugu Medium only.
  • The Head Master / Teachers are requested to motivate the Student who were in Telugu Medium Sections last year to join in the English Medium Sections in the present year.
6. The Municipal Commissioners are once again requested to communicate the above instructions to all the Head-Masters of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools existing in the ULBs with proper acknowledement.

7. Further, all the Commissioners of ULBs in the State are also requested to furnish the status of English Medium Text Books recieived as on 15.07.2017 for I to X classes, in the prescribed format attached to the circular to the RDMA concerned, without fail.

8. All the RDMAs concerned are requested to ascertain the above information from the ULBs concerned and furnish the consolidate data in the prescribed format attached to the circular to this office by 15.07.2017, without fail, so as to submit the data to the Government.


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