(JUNE 27 - JULY 11, 2017)

1. It has been decided by PFRDA to observe NPS Service Fortnight between 27th June, 2017 and 11th July, 2017, at offices of Central Government and State Government for building Subscribers' awareness and disseminate information regarding National Pension System (NPS) and its benefits.
 2. As you are aware that the subscribers/employees in the central Government and state government are not fully aware of various functions / facilities available under the NPS, including information relating to their balances in NPS accounts, leading to large number of queries / grievances. In order to ensure availability of information and ease their problem, PFRDA and NSDL / CRA send various communication (emails & SMS) regularly for promoting awareness regarding NPS and also update balance of their NPS accounts. However, it has been observed that in absence of latest contact details in their NPS accounts; most of the subscribers are not receiving such communication. Therefore, in this fortnight, besides sharing information on the range of functionalities and services now available under the NPS, nodal offices and the subscribers will be apprised about the need of updating their personal data to enable the system to operate at its optimum level. Further, Nodal Offices including DDOs will be encouraged to login CRA system.

3. In view of the above, following activities may be undertaken by the nodal officers in the proposed NPS Service Week:
  • Initiation of registration under NPS for these employees who are eligible but not yet registered.
  • Distribution of the subscriber information brochure for Govt. subscribers.
  • Updating subscriber regarding benefits associated with PRAN being IRA compliant and updating their contact details. Conversion of non IRA to IRA compliant status by collecting S-1 / CSRF forms.
  • Distribution of Transaction Statement for the subscribers on their specific request.
  • Updating nomination details.
  • Resolving pending grievances under CGMS and updating the same.
  • Resolving issues of pending documents needed for final exit / withdrawals under NPS.
  • Resolving issues of providing partial withdrawals under CGMS.
  • Initiation of final exit / withdrawals of employees already super-annuated.

NPS was launched on January 1, 2004 for all employees of Central Government (except for the armed forces) and subsequently several State Governments adopted NPS for offering retirement benefit to their employees. Finally, NPS was extended to non-Government Sector in May 2009. Over a period of time, NPS has evolved into a robust yet user-friendly platform. PFRDA, the regulator for NPS is observing NPS Service Fortnight from June 27 to July 11, 2017.

Kindly find below the list of activities which will be carried out during NPS Service Fortnight.
  1. Printing and Distribution of Subscriber Brochure for Government Subscribers.
  2. Updation of Subscriber Details through S2 form.
  3. Conversion of Non IRA to IRA.
  4. Advising the Subscribers on the Benefits of having an IRA PRAN and UPDATE details.
  5. Printing Nomination Details.
  6. Updating Nomination Details.
  7. Resolving pending Grievances and Updating the same in CGMS.
  8. Resolving issues of pending Exit / Withdrawal under NPS.
  9. Download and usage of MOBILE APP (from GOOGLE PLAY & IOS: NPS by NSDL eGOV)

You may approach your Nodal for the above said activities as these activities will help you to plan for your retirement more effectively with NPS. For more details of NPS Service Fortnight.




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