REVISED COOKING COST AS PER G.O.Rt.NO: 260 dt: 21-10-2016

Upper Primary6.787.18

G.O.Rt.No: 260 dt: 21-10-2016 copy download here

    Revised Cooking cost per child per school day w.e.f. 1.07.2014
StageTotal CostCentral-state sharing (75:25)
Upper PrimaryRs5.38Rs4.04Rs1.34

Food Norms

  • For PS Children daily 100 grm rice, 20 grm pulses, 50 grm vegetables, and 5 grm Oil
  • For UPS Children daily 150 grm rice, 30 grm pulses, 75 grm vegetables, and 7.5 grm Oil
  • Weekly two eggs for all children will be provided

MDM Menu

The MDM Scheme menu is flexible, with cooked rice, vegetables and dal, sambar being generally the main menu, with egg twice a week and banana to students who do not eat eggs.

1Food grains100 gms150 gms
2Pulses20 gms30 gms
3Vegetables (leafy also)50 gms75 gms
4Oil & fat5 gms7.5 gms
5Eggs / BananaTwice a weekTwice a week


Mon daySambar
Tues dayVegetables
Wednes dayDal and vegetables
Thurs daySambar
Fri dayVegetables
Satur dayDal and vegetables
Egg/bananaTwice a week

Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (MME)

Government of India is providing assistance to States/ UTs for Management, Monitoring & Evaluation (MME) at the rate of 1.8% of total assistance on :
  • Free food grains
  • Transport cost
  • Cooking cost
  • Honorarium to cook-cum-helpers
    Another 0.2% of the above amount will be utilized at the Central Government for management, monitoring and evaluation. The detailed guidelines issued by the Ministry vide letter No. F.1-15/2009-Desk(MDM) dated 21st June, 2010.

Provision of essential infrastructures 

     The cost of construction of Kitchen-cum-store is determined on the basis of Schedule of Rates and the plinth area norm laid down by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India depending on the number of children studying in schools. However, in case of unconventional item, which are not part of Schedule of Rates, the rates is approved by the State level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee for MDM Scheme with the condition that such estimates should not exceed the cost of the similar design made through conventional item available in the Schedule of Rates. The cost of construction of Kitchen-cum-store is shared between the Centre and the NER States on 75:25 basis.

The norm for construction of kitchen-cum-store is given below :

  • 20 sq. mts. plinth area for construction of Kitchen-cum-store in schools having upto 100 children
  • For every additional upto 100 children additional 4 plinth area will be added
  • Slab of 100 children may be modified depending upon local conditions
  • For example, the hilly areas, where the number of children in schools is less, may have larger slabs. In one State/UT, there can be more than one slab. However, the modified prescription of plinth area will have to conform to the above ceiling
Kitchen Devices 
Provide assistance in a phased manner for provisioning and replacement of kitchen devices at an average cost of Rs. 5,000 per school. States/ UT Administration will have the flexibility to incur expenditure on the items listed below on the basis of the actual requirements of the school (provided that the overall average for the State/ UT Administration remains Rs 5000 per school): a. Cooking devices (Stove, Chulha, etc) b. Containers for storage of food grains and other ingredients c. Utensils for cooking and serving
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