Govt. have received representations from various service Associations for liberalizing the provisions of the state leave rules. The representations have been carefully considered in the light of the measures introduced by Govt. of India through their office memo cited.

After careful consideration of the question, Govt. approve the following liberalization of the existing provisions of different leave rules by which the state Government servants are governed.

The limit of 180 days of commuted leave, during the entire service, according to the existing rules shall be raised to 240 days. The other terms and conditions for the grant of this leave shall remain in force as at present.

In case a Govt servant dies while in service, the cash equivalent to leave salary that the deceased employees would have got had he gone on P.L / Earned Leave but for death, due and admissible on the date immediately following the date of death subject to a maximum of leave salary for 20 days shall be paid to his family subject to reduction from leave salary or pension and equivalent of other retirement benefits.

A Govt. Servant who proceeds on P.L / Earned Leave from a post the maximum of which in the received D.A. merged pay scale, does not exceed Rs. 600/- p.m. shall be entitled to leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.

This order shall take effect from 1st June, 1975 necessary amendments to various sets of leave rules will be issued separately.

COMMUTED LEAVE G.O.Ms.No: 154, dt: 23.7.1975

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